BMX race

The BMX track was designed and built by Tom Ritzenthaler (USA), author of the Beijing, London, and Rio de Janeiro tracks. The outside BMX cross track was designed in accordance with the requirements of the UCI (International Cycling Union), meaning that the track can be used to organise European Championships and other international races. The first international race has been planned for May of next year.


BMX racing is an Olympic event. It has been an Olympic event on two occasions, won both times by Latvian Māris Štrombergs.


BMX racing is for everyone, both professionals and amateurs. During winter, BMX racers can practice inside on the approx. 600 m2 pumptrack. The pumptrack also offers a fun ride for other cyclists and boarders, while also being well suited for beginners.


BMX racing also provides a good way to jump into other cycling sports because you can start at the age of 3-4. However, 50-60 years old veterans also ride here. In addition, some other cycling sport enthusiasts also practice bike control on the BMX track. For instance, road cyclists Peter Sagan and Robbie McEwen, who have won the sprint events of big tours, and mountain cyclists Daniel Solano and Brian Lopes, have a background in BMX.